If you are age 65+, have Medicare, and live in one of these locations, WISH will help you stay healthy and live independently in the community.

Most people want to stay active, independent, and in their own homes in later life. We want to make that wish come true. WISH is a free program that connects you to community-based health care and other support services, so you can remain independent and out of the hospital.

  • Have a conversation with a health coach
  • Think about your health needs
  • Get a plan to help you live well and remain in your home
  • Receive free-of-charge language interpretation
  • No co-pays or out-of-pocket fees apply

Make a Referral

If you know someone who could benefit from health coaching, at no cost, tell them about the program and explain that you would like to make a referral. Then, complete the WISH referral form with the individual, or contact the WISH coordination specialist at 301-628-3177.


How to Identify Seniors At Risk of Declining Health

Refer your clients to WISH if they are age 65+ and

  • Are growing more and more frail
  • Have difficulty doing daily activities
  • Seem confused
  • Have a change in activity level
  • Have a change in family and social support structure
  • Have a change in financial support
  • Had a recent fall or are afraid of falling
  • Called 911 or had a recent hospital stay

What to Tell Seniors About WISH

  • WISH is a program to help people who are 65+ stay healthy and live independently in the community
  • A skilled Health Coach will talk with you about your health goals
  • You may get health coaching to help stay active, independent, and out of the hospital
  • Health coaching from WISH is available at no cost; we will not bill you or your insurance
  • Free, in person language interpretation is available
  • May I ask someone from the program to contact you?
  • WISH is supported and endorsed by the six hospitals serving this community.


Make a Referral

WISH is Free and Confidential

Do you know someone that could benefit from health coaching?

What Happens After Making a Referral?

People referred to WISH will be called by a Coordination Specialist, who will ask a few questions to make sure they meet the program eligibility requirements. Those who are eligible will receive a free, in home visit from a Health Coach.

What is WISH?

WISH provides free, confidential health coaching for people age 65+ living independently in the community. While many people remain active and engaged in later life, older adults are at risk for a variety of health problems.

To make a referral or learn more about WISH, call 301-628-3177. Language interpretation is available free of charge.